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Awami   sangha 


Different proposals  to do  of his diet a life practice


Whether through a new posture, a  different look on his plate, the  discovery of the taste that connects,  this  path  allows you to reconnect to  the intuition of right action by manifesting the life that passes through us.

Rediscovering the correctness of one's diet is rediscovering the correctness of one's judgment  and its actions in the world; 

To be consistent with what one eats is to find one's place in the world and thereby give back  room for all the others, in co-existence. 

The path of food is an elliptical path where everyone  naturally finds what it needs and just as naturally  contributes to the manifestation of the new paradigm.


The program   and the next  practice dates  by clicking on the orange buttons. 

Life activation days 

Shojin ryori is one of the pillars of Zen, the manifestation of our life through the rediscovered link to food.

Organized by the Awami sangha (the 6th flavor, she from the center), these meals unfold around  zazen and celebrate each   season.

In the tradition of ceremonial meals  at 9 bowls of Zen temples these meals allow you to return   in the generosity of silence  , to appreciate   the deep taste  of the six flavors, and   taste   the 5 contemplations.


 Days of
practice weekend 
at the heart of his life 

The Kitchen of Benevolence 

Around the 5 contemplations, the  heart of the teaching of benevolent cooking, we   let's deploy   food around the big question of  "Who am I ? "

Starting from the body and our environment, these days   allow us  to reconnect with the living that inhabits us. 

5 days a year to learn how to  cook a menu in line with his   indoor and outdoor environment and  to fully feel the life that circulates, 

Learn to integrate  this way of eating   in our lives and receive all the  joy.

To live   as an experience of deconstruction of the kitchen   during which the deep bond is discovered  to our   food, these seasonal modules  allow us to discover our deep nature and to anchor ourselves in the world.

The most beautiful temple of one's life is the place where one lives,  in the ordinary of his  day-to-day. Eating 3 times a day is having  the opportunity  to be traversed by the vital breath. In the  full presence. that allows the world to take place   at our table we  find each   not   the alignment between the outside and the inside, the earth and the sky and we make the living vibrate which only asks to be raised. 

Every season a retreat and in summer  5 days of reconciliation  to live  at home in sharing of heart  with those who engage  to make their food   a celebration  of everyday life, of their kitchen a temple of life. 

Become a messenger of the kitchen of Benevolence 

Participate in the great change that humanity is in the process of bringing about and contribute to the enthusiasm of the "makers", those who already live differently. Become a peace activist by rejecting old beliefs of dependence on economy or industry and have fun activating your co-creativity in community  . 

Just sitting together, cooking, eating and being aware that this is a  activism, deep,  the one who cannot be seen but who by soothing us soothes the world and inspires us to move in joy.

An in-depth meeting with  the practice  in order to integrate  all aspects of the kitchen of benevolence:

1st year :

- 5  days for 5 contemplations

-  1 Shojin retreat 

- 1  individual support 

-  #Practical and conceptual lab

     2nd year:   

- Assistant  of the  convenient

- Support for related activities

- responsibility for   tenzo summer retreat 

-  Permaculture and regenerative cooking labs

Free certification after 2 years to teach in the name of benevolent cuisine  and  to benefit from entertainment offers   from the Association.


life in  community 

Activate the power of the living to allow oneself to be confident among others. Just sit, cook,  to eat. and let yourself be traversed by the vital impulse of universal healing.

Live the essence of our humanity  in the generosity of   shared silence, of the one that connects us with ourselves, others and the world.

These retreats are a real boost  of energy that touches on the sacred activism of food   that of the deep pleasure of receiving abundance   and feed her.

Go beyond knowledge to go into practice, experience, the body is the freedom of those days gone by  together, as a beneficial reconciliation.

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