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The activism of   living : 

"Defending the Sacredness of Life" 


We know it, we are at a crucial period of humanity where we have the opportunity can  to be  for the first  times of  live in  harmony on earth. This harmony is in the making and   We also know that the time for mass revolutions is not enough.  We have also   need to gather energies in a way  deep 



Around the world, peace activists  join practitioners  spiritual  and environmental activists   in order to work for the change that will allow the life of the greatest number of beings to continue on this planet.

here are some  unifying movements currently:  sacred activism,   engaged Buddhism, extension rebellion, climate 

Fox Wilderness


The idea is simple, it starts from the principle that by being personally open to life, by connecting to its reality as it is, in joy and suffering, we will activate a healing that is beyond us, that of the life that knows the way. Thus to gather punctually and bear witness in the full presence of our reality, a natural desire to act in the rightness of the situation emerges. 

The pioneers of this practice are among others Bernie Glassman and the Zen peace makers , Joanna Macy with the Work that reconnects , and the Indians  Sioux with the Standing movement  rock that initiated  the need to come together in the name of the sacredness of life and who initiated the international movement Defend the sacred.


Leave the desire to do together immersed   of  full presence, taste  trust and to  the peace that arises from this full presence   and organize themselves to act at their level by letting themselves be guided  by the joy of doing together.  In other words ,  to regain  the deep sense of community bond, which naturally manifests when one is open to reality, in connection.

Concretely  it means to  gather, physically or online, at 3 or 10,000 to feel the strength of the bond that makes us exist and awaken it   by our practice 

The feedback  of the global alliance of "Defend the sacred" of  Tamera 
ladybug journey


In connection with Tamera 's global alliance, which in August 2018 brought together 80 international activists, the Earth rising community ,  One world in dialogue , and recently Joanna Macy's call with  One Earth sangha and   Awami undertakes to relay the information at its disposal in order to  to participate in  awakening   planetary of the new world.. 

Whether we are 10 or 100 will not matter but  connect, share with your network proposals that put us in connection with our essence of peace, to reconnect with our  intuition  deep  is, on the other hand, fundamental to the paradigm shift.

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