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Sharing the practice  



The practice of Tenzo is the one of adjustment to the situation and to adapt it to different context is possible . 

Here are some opportunities where  you can discover Shojin cuisine outside of  the retreats practice. 

For the one interested in learning how to practice this cuisine in communities ( from dealing a budget, managing groceries  groceries, menus , cooks and  samu) please contact and come to learn by practicing  in Bergerac ( check agenda) 

caterer  zen bites 
Tenzo for retirement and internships 

Discover shôjin cooking in the form of aperitifs with the taste of the seasons, in the respect of the Zen culinary tradition 

Taste a more gastronomic version of the Shojin cuisine ( kaiseki) for a very special diner.

Ask  for the tenzo  to nourish your community during your stay in Bergerac Praxis Hub


Bringing the joy and beauty of culinary vegetation, nourishing social links, reinforcing identity and sharing creativity in workshops intended for associations linked to education (TAP), childhood (PMI), humanitarian associations (climate refugees), French language training (FLE), accommodation centres and any association interested in a culinary activity linked to the ecological and solidarity-based transition

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