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Practice the   living off food 

the way  of the tenzo, (the cook of the practical realization),   is that of the empty bowl which receives:  in the seat, in the kitchen and during meals.

Go down this path  is to learn to receive  each  instant to nurture in turn.

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  "Awaken your life by  food "

Around each of   contemplations of the plate, this  nourishment of awakening connects us with the world, a mirror of our universal "Self".  To feel  than with our kitchen  the construction of our identity and our relationship to the world is a door of hope for a better life in the company of all beings. 

Rediscover the natural intuition of eating and cooking,  deconstruct our perception   of the  kitchen just as much as that of  dietetics and making your kitchen a place of spiritual practice  is the suggestion of this day.

Let yourself be guided by the axis of  the seat that reveals our natural desire   to cook, to taste   the generosity of silence, to feel the "I" in the link to others are his  promises.

In the spirit of the shôjin Ryôri we learn here to compose menus with 6 flavors 

Silence, teaching, sharing will punctuate this day of  self-benevolence.





Progress of a  tenzo day  

- energy activation and introduction to  stance of  zazen


- LCB introduction + theme of contemplation  


- Presentation of the menu and recipes / ingredients   of the day (without animal products, organic, gluten-free)  


- Confection  of one  benevolence menu (organic vegetable gluten-free)  


- Breakfast  in the intimacy of silent sharing  

- Storage and dishes (practice of equanimity  stain)

- Listening circle  deep food  

right thought,  right food, right action are   pedestal  from   full awakening to life  synonymous  of energy, joy and health .



The practice of the kitchen of benevolence  is an update   from shoujin ryori  that you  can find in  the book the silent taste:




Also an article on shoujin ryori in  abstract  here

The practice of nomadism  and of  home 

In the tradition of the practice of empty bowls (almsgiving), these days are offered but depend on your   desire   to want  the  welcome, thus the wheel turns, each one offers and receives what he can and thus life circulates  .  Just a space  on the ground allowing to put the cushions of  meditation and stretching as well as a large carving table and a kitchen. These days can be received at your home   just as much as in your  dojo or  retreat centers.



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