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awami sangha 


        by alchemy  from the seat of the empty bowl  

Awami sangha?
Misty Woodland


Soto Zen nomadic community  Awami  sangha  wish to participate  to the activation of the sacred of life. Registered  in the monastic lineage, his path  is the one   from  flourishing secular  at the heart of secularism.  Live in confidence during a meeting or a retreat and let yourself  regenerate  by our meetings   is a profession of faith, that of believing that simply  Sit   together  or cooking together with an open heart, we activate ourselves and activate the world.  


Our practice nestles in the heart of zazen and it is from the seat that all the  proposals unfold. Also whether it is for a day of cooking or a retreat at home, it is zazen that inspires and guides us.

Awami is driven by Valérie Dai  Hatsu Duvauchelle, tenzo


it is to become the cauldron  of the life that circulates within us;

It is  to be traversed by the vital movement,

It is the manifestation of our life here and now

It is the great Self of our unknown

It is to become the food of the world which feeds on the food of the world which feeds on the food of the world ...... like an infinite mirroring.

Activation days  ? 

Because to sit with the only reason to sit  , because to eat for no other reason than to feed ourselves, we free our being from all its mental pollution by giving back to the body  freedom to guide us. Thus the heart calms down and life circulates fully.

these days  include a dialogue  sitting on a cushion*,   from  anchor time   (zazen)  interspersed with a slow walk (kinin) and   are part of the Japanese tradition of deep absorption.

Each activation day adapts to the situation of its guests  , whether to celebrate a season and the joy  of one  festive meal with 9 bowls, the practice of oryokis, or cooking together we appreciate during these moments of community     the taste of  life  in sitting and in the silent sharing of our   food.  

Inspired by his years spent with  of Issho Fujita and his life   in Japan where she was able to experience the body differently,   Valerie Duvauchelle  offers  an approach to sitting that goes through bodily intuition.

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