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Getting started on the path of tenzo  and become a messenger 

of the kitchen of benevolence  

The purpose of this transfer   is to bring  the necessary framework for the manifestation of the integration dynamics of deep food. This requires information but above all the creation of the setting necessary for the emergence of knowledge which is built in the heart of each one. In the form of companionship, each student undertakes to remain available for practice in order to receive as much experience as possible.

The basic training lasts 2 years after which everyone presents their project. She  ends with  a certifying validation of   Messenger from The Kitchen of Benevolence.

Once certified, messengers are given the opportunity to lead workshops (TAP), culinary workshops in associations, open a catering activity, start a restaurant  based on the principles of shoujin ryori updated in France. They also continue to participate in Labs on permaculture and  regenerative cooking for transitional communities.

Calendar 2018 / 2019
1st contemplation  -  sunday 6  October 2018 -  identity - autumn 
2nd contemplation - 16  December  -dignity -  Winter 
3rd contemplation  - sunday 24  February 2019 -peace- renewal 
4th contemplation - Sunday  10  March (May 16)   2019  - health -  spring 
5th contemplation - Sunday  16  June 2019 - practice -  summer 
tenzo retreat  -  April 23  May 1  2019
the practice  continues is a cycle where  it is possible to enter  in any season so   to do the complete cycle over one year;

To explore the whole holistic dimension of food and all the hopes of a benevolent eating practice.

From zen to deep ecology, these first modules are the basis of the principles of benevolent cuisine to be completed according to one's needs and desires.

This training allows those who already have a practice of transmission to bring a more holistic look at food. 

It is also for anyone interested in the path of food as  way of life and transformation of the world. 

Deliberately designed on a human scale in order to favor the systemic experience of the group over factual knowledge 

More than a training it is a commitment to oneself and the world and the posture here cannot be the one who comes to consume but the one who comes to bring his presence and from there to operate  the integration of what is going to be lived.


Year 1:

  5 days of deep feeding  :

- a meditative awakening

- thematic teaching 

-  learning how to compose a menu   seasonal in bowls or plates (organic vegan gluten-free) 

- the experience of  meal  quiet

- a circle of deep listening 

- a report  including recipes and practice suggestions


1 tenzo retreat:

We practice the essence of  spiritual:   activate the living in us and outside. We explore the alchemy of living together and benefit from the effects of our liberated reality.   At the rate of  zazen, cooking, O  ryoki, rest. Each participant learns to compose menus for the community in the intuition of the day and the practice of the situation.  This in  a setting conducive to contemplation and the joy of cooking:  at the Château de Bois Rabot (2 hours from Paris)


1 AWAMI summer retreat:

The opportunity to practice and receive the shoujin for the 1st years and for the seconds to practice the function of tenzo in real situation (responsible for the food of the practice) 


  1  #practical lab  : 

Culinary transformation lab  of the Gendronniere 

1 #conceptual lab  :

theme of  food design and LCB + regenerative kitchen protocol   community  project


5 activation of the living with preparation of the  9-bowl ceremonial meal

The opportunity to deepen the traditional recipes or fusion and to integrate the  movements of such days, the rhythm  to the body 


accompaniement  individual

A regular dot  is done in order to follow the evolution of the experience and to help its maximum integration.  

This support can also be done partly online for people who cannot travel.  

Year 2: 

Possibilities to follow   the tenzo in its various activities:

LCB workshops, Cooking, retreats, catering, Labs  in order to acquire more vegetable and pedagogical culinary knowledge + taking responsibility   tenzo during Awami's summer retreat.

The 2 years end with the presentation of his  convenient   to the group and by a  certifying validation. 

At the end of the cycle  each  participant  becomes Messenger of the kitchen of benevolence and can in turn spread this practice.

price adapted in 
a process of consensus in  consciousness  

1st year 

2nd year 

 at  the activity 

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