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What is (not) mindful eating ?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Last week Buhp sahn a practitioner of the Seon Korean zen tradition interviewed me on mindful eating. He is making a thesis for his doctorate on mindful eating practices to explore more deeper all the roots of what is it that we are talking about when we cook or eat mindfully.

The Soto Zen tradition with Zazen ( sitting still in absorption) , the tenzo practice ( cooking for the community) , the manner of moving the bowls ( eating in Oryoki), the 5 contemplations of the meal, the 6 tastes etc has certainly something to contribute in what is considered today as mindful eating .

In this interview ( 30 mn) not all is said of course but it gives a taste of what is what we are talking about when we cook or eat in this mindfulness without mind and how it could contribute to how we experienced food in general, the world , us.

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