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Brunch #applecake #buckweat pancakes #beans #chesnuts

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

First of all to say that I loooove brunch as for me they mean freedom so here is discontinued post where I will add all new experiment along the seasons for you to decline them with the fruits and flavors of each mood, weather , temperature...

Bon appetit !

Automnal vibe :

Apple cake : ( to prepare the day before)

1 cup ( 150 g ) vanilla soy milk

1 table spoon of cider vinegar

1 cup of powder sugar ( not white but you know that )

1,5 cup of fruit sauce ( I use apple because it is cheap or quickly made)

2,5 cup of T55 flour or 3/4 regular T66 spelt mixed with 1/4 corn starch

3/4 cup of oil

2 table spoon of baking powder

2 pinch of salt

5 canada apples ( or other fruit)

1/Heat the oven at 170 degrés ( 5.6)

2/In a bowl mix vinegar + vanilla soy milk + add sugar and sauce.

3/Separately put baking powder +flour and mix with -2-

4/ Add oil + salt = batter with -3- smoothly

5/Cut the apples and put half of them in the bottom of a cake tin + put the rest in the preparation and poor on top ff apples

6/cook 40 to 45 mn

(inspired by Linda Vondgora French patisserie book)

White beans ( Mojettes from Vendée here)

500 g white beans ( your favorite)

3 table spoons of non transfat margarine

1 table spoon of brooms miso

1 table spoon of white miso

2 table spoon of soy sauce or tamari

1 table spoon of cashew 100 % butter

laurel and thym herbs

white pepper

1/ Soak the beans the day before

2/ Change water and cook them with salt and 2 cm kombu for a good 1 for at medium + herbes

3/ +when little water is left add margarine and continue to cook

4/ + misos

5/ take out herbs and add pepper .

all together is about 2 hours cooking to get the smoothy alchimia !

Pear clafoutis

500 g of pears

120 g spelt wheat flour

75 g sugar

350 ml almond milk

3 table spoon almond 100% butter

1 vanilla sugar packet

2 table spoon of almond powder

2 pinch of salt

1/ Cut the pears and put the fruits in the pan

2/ Mix the flour + sugar + vanilla sugar + salt

3/ make a hole and add half of the milk + almond paste = batter

4/ add rest of milk and stay rest for 30 mns + Pre-heat the oven at 200 degres put oil at the bottom of a tart pan and some flour

5/ cook about 45 mns

Release from the mould and serve still warm

Fried tomatos and mushrooms

6 tomatoes

500 g of mushrooms


olive oil and salt

Cut the tomatoes sin 2 and fry them high heat in olive oil in a pan with salt and hers on the top

Cut the mushrooms in slices and stir them in a pan separately until water is gone

Serve hot

Buckweat pancakes tart

In community the one pancake at a time might be .... to long !! so I just did 2 all pan pancake and cut in slices .

2 tbsp almond butter(or other nut butter)

1 tbsp maple syrup or agave

125 g / 1 scant cup buckwheat flour

approx. 220 ml / 1 scant cup vanilla soy (or other plant) milk

½ tsp baking soda

2 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp of baking soda

½ tsp lemon juice

vegetable oil, for frying

Mix all ingrédients except baking powders and lemon . check the consistency and adjust to get a smooth yet consistant batter.

at the last mn add baking powders and lemon.

heat medium high a fry pan , oil it or a bit of margarine and cook for 3 mn then 1 mn the other side ( if you don't cook for 10 people do units it is nice of course )

Then top with fruits , maple, or agave syrup , nuts and enjoy :)

( inspired by lazy cat kitchen blog who was inspired by another blog who was inspired by ....:)

All that served with mix salad of Batavia and Arugula and miso sauce ( proportions to adjust to number of guests)

3 tbsp salad oil

1 tbsp balsamique vinegar

1 tbsp of water

1 tsp of brown miso

1 tsp of Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp of sugar

a bit of curry

a bit of soy sauce


Marron cream

500 g of chestnuts

100 g de sucre

1/2 liter of water

1 vanilla gousse


1/ Make a cross with a knife in chestnuts

2/ Put in water and cook 15 mn or in a fry pan

3/ Peel the 2 skins of chestnuts

4/ Add water and vanilla gousse cut in half expect at the end

5/ Take off the vanilla seeds inside when it is soft

6/ Adjust water and sugar

7/ Mix and serve when cooled

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