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Thanksgiving #Praxis Hub Bergerac #Sympoiesis2 # contemplative activism

Usually Shojin cuisine do not use garlic or signs but it is not dogmatic and if those ingredients are avoided during the time when we want to remain in a certain concentration, in winter or an in moments of celebration it is on the contrary good to "break" the rule to rebalance the energy of a group.

(To be completed by the cooks)

Borsch Slovene

Same proportion of :

red cabbage

sweet potato




olive oil

stock cube

kombu seaweed

3 cases of balsamic vinegar

fermented soy cream


Rasp the beetroot, chop the red cabbage and cube the peeled sweet potato.

In a small saucepan prepare a stock with 1 cube, a square of seaweed and a shiitake. Heat until simmering, set aside.

In a frying pan, fry the cabbage, potato and beetroot and add the stock. Cook for a good hour and then blend the mixture. Season and serve with cream and dill.

Small terrines:

Braised Brussels sprouts :

Glazed pumpkins :

Stuffed Portobellos:

Rehydrate 250 g of small soy proteins with 1 tsp of brown miso and a vegetable stock cube in hot water for 15 minutes.

Gut 14 large Portobello mushrooms and slice the stems and scores, set aside. Cut 1 onion and chop (except in retirement). Fry the onion with a little salt then add the mushrooms and sauté for 10 minutes. Set aside. Drain the proteins and fry them in sunflower oil for 10 minutes, adding more oil as you go. When they are golden, add a dash of soy sauce and continue cooking for a few more minutes.

In a blender, mix one cup of soya milk with 2 cups of neutral oil (not olive oil) and a little wine vinegar, a teaspoon of mustard and salt. Blend to obtain a vegan mayonnaise then add malted yeast.

Mix the protein with the mushroom stems and season with a little smoked paprika and chilli. Add the cream and mix well. Fill the mushrooms and bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees.

Crushed potatoes:


Christmas spice stuffing :

Sweet pumpkin pie with fermented cream:

served with lacto-fermented cream and gingerbread bought but can also be made . My recipe here (without honey) . Ma recette ici ( sans miel) .

November 25th in Bergerac with Naresh, Carmen, Will, Eugénie, Jessica, Alesia, Lauren, Liam, Marc, Lluba and Hannah !

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