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Watercress soup #cress #celery #soup

For 4 bowls :

stems of a bunch of watercress (without the leaves that I kept as salad)

stalks of a kale (ditto)

the least beautiful part of a celery stalk (idem)


soy sauce

olive oil

lacto-fermented soy cream



pink berries

Blanch the stalks of watercress, celery and kale for about ten minutes and blend.

Sauté the cooked chickpeas in a little oil and soy sauce. Put some soup, chickpeas, cream and pink berries in a bowl,

Here the spiciness of the watercress brings out the sweetness of the chickpeas and the slightly acidic cream contrasts with the sweetness/bitterness of the pink berries to complete the profound balance of this soup.

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