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For 5 persons / 8 pieces :

For the vinegared rice

500 g of rice

100 ml of rice vinegar

15 g of salt

also provide a fan

a large dish

The sushi:

5 slices of butternut, 6 cm x 3 cm x 5 mm high

5 slices of shiitake (or button mushrooms) of 5 mm

5 slices of red peppers of 3 cm X 6 cm

5 slices of yellow peppers 3cm X 6 cm

5 tablespoons of crushed avocado

5 tablespoons of mixed celery root

5 slices eggplant, 3 cm x 6 cm

10 cm of fresh ginger

1/4 red beet

teriyaki sauce

sweet soy sauce

soy sauce

wasabi or horseradish or mustard

sunflower oil

1 shallot

1/2 cup of soy milk

1 cup sunflower oil

100 g hard tofu

50 g chickpea flour

1/2 tsp of cashew nut puree


kalamak salt (if available)

2 g agar agar

3 Nori leaves

To prepare at least 2 hours before:

The rice:

Measure the volume of rice (to put the same volume of water)

Wash 10 times the rice (keep the water for the garden) and let soak for a good hour

Drain one last time and add 1 volume of water (from the dry rice).

Cook covered until "boiling" and then still covered at minimum heat.

Put the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a glass and add to the pan so that the sugar mixes well.

Turn off the heat when the rice is cooked and pour it into a large dish. Sprinkle with the sweet and salty vinegar and mix well while fanning. When everything is absorbed, put a wet cloth on the rice.


Slash each slice slightly on the skin.

In a frying pan put 1/2 cm of sunflower oil

fry the eggplants starting with the skin side

turn until candied

put them on a paper towel.

make a sushi and put the eggplant on top.


Marinate the slices in a teriyaki sauce for 1 hour

Drain and bake at 190° for 20 minutes

Add the sauce during the last 5 minutes

Drain the butternut and set aside.

Make a sushi and put the butternut on top.


In a saucepan put a glass of water with 1/2 glass of soy sauce,

add a little cider vinegar and a little sugar.

Cook over low heat for half an hour and let soak.

The next day, drain and slightly press the mushrooms.

Make a round sushi and put the mushrooms on it.

Red and yellow peppers:

Cook the peppers in a dry oven at 190°.

Remove their skins and set aside.

Make a sushi and put the peppers on top (separately)


- with celery remoulade

From the famous abandoned industrial island gunkanjima (island shaped like a warship).

Mix sunflower oil with soya milk, a little salt

and a 1/2 gift of vinegar, 1 tsp of sugar.

Chop a shallot and mix it with a mixer.

To roll a sushi by wetting its hands beforehand washed

Cut a strip of nori of about 3 X 12 cm and roll it shiny side out around the sushi and wet the inside edge to stick it.

Take a spoonful of remoulade and put it in the pocket of the gunkan.

- with avocado

Simply crush the avocado.

Make a gunkan as above and then aim the avocado inside.

Tofuyaki omelette

Mix the tofu with the chickpea flour, cashew puree, agar agar, a little water, salt, turmeric and mix it all with a blender or other. Adjust the consistency to obtain a pancake dough. Put a lot of oil and spread the pancake of tofuyaki and cook well on each side. Let it cool down and cut it into 3cm x 6cm slices.

Make a sushi, put the tofuyaki on it and surround it with a strip of nori.

We could also have added a temaki with seasonal vegetables: carrots, beets, thinking of the herbs.

And ideas for new trials:

- a gunkan of pomegranates

- slices of persimmon / pears

- a gunkan with agar agar pearls and seaweed for a salmon egg atmosphere

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