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Celery root soup #celery root #miso #mushrooms #truffle #umami

Depending on whether this dish is a main course or a starter, the measurements will be appropriate: 180 g of vegetables for a main course (in this case add 40 g of mogettes or white beans) or 60 g of vegetables for a starter.

Umami is very present here thanks to the kombu seaweed in the broth, the mushrooms and the miso.

  • Celeriac

  • Potatoes

  • 1 3 cm square of kombu seaweed

  • White miso

  • Dehydrated wild chanterelles or dried shiitake or fresh chanterelles (or other mushrooms)

  • Truffle oil or fresh truffle

  • Salt

  • Water and soy milk

  • (fermented soy cream)

Peel the celeriac and cook in a little water and salt with the kombu seaweed.

  • if we have a handful of dried mushrooms add them too.

Add soy milk (half water, half soy milk) at a rate of 250 ml per person.

Separately and in parallel, peel and cook the potatoes in water.

Mix everything.

  • If we have fresh mushrooms, brown with olive oil, salt and parsley until they are nicely browned. They will be served as an accompaniment with a little fermented soy cream on the velouté, you can also sauté them and include them in the velouté before mixing everything.

  • If it's a dish, add the cooked mogettes or other white beans (without mixing)

  • if we have truffle oil or fresh truffles, add them when serving.

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