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Assiette d'hiver #carottes # soja texturés #kale #cresson # sesame #riz complet

70 g brown rice


35 g coarse textured soya

230 g carrots and turnips

olive oil

soy sauce

bay leaf


90 g watercress

40 d Kale

sauce: 1 vol sesame puree + 1/2 agave syrup + 1/2 cider vinegar + black sesame salt

1 cook the rice, do not season


Rehydrate the proteins in warm water with a little brown miso for 15 minutes. Put 1/2 cm of olive oil in a frying pan over high heat and brown the proteins for 10 minutes. At the end (if you like) add a dash of soy sauce.

Cut the carrots and turnips into 1/2 cm pieces and sauté them in a pan over high heat in a little oil. Let simmer for an hour, covered, with the protein and bay leaves.


Macerate the kale (without the stems) in lemon and salt for one night, pressing it. Mix with watercress and season with sauce and black sesame salt.

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