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Anko chocolate marquise (azuki)


200 g of azuki 

100 g of 60 percent dark chocolate 

sugar according to taste (not too much if you choose the very sweet orange sauce) 

4 g agar agar 

3 cm square of Kombu seaweed 

200 ml water 

1 pinch of salt 

1 pinch of ground cinnamon 

For the cardamom custard 

300 ml rice milk 

1 tbsp cashew puree 

3 cardamom shells to grind into powder 

30 g cornstarch 

sugar to taste 

For the orange sauce 

2 oranges (zest and juice)  

150 g sugar (in a ladle) 

200 ml of water (to be renewed after evaporation) 

2 tbsp soy sauce 

10 percent of the volume in cornstarch 

The day before, soak the azukis in water. the next day, rinse them then cook them in plenty of water with the algae square  for at least 1 hour.

Drain them, add 200 ml of water then mix them finely. 

In a saucepan, pour the dough, add the chocolate, salt, cinnamon, sugar and agar agar and cook over medium heat. 

In the kumquat version, rinse the kumquats and remove the seeds and the inside, leaving only the skin and cutting it finely. When the preparation is homogenized (add the cut kumquats) and boil for 30 seconds then pour into a wet cake mold.

Let it set for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator. 

With the anko chocolate -  kumquat, we prepare the cardamom sauce .

Mix all the ingredients in threes and heat until the cream becomes smooth

With the all-chocolate anko, we prepare the orange sauce. 

Zest the orange and add water and sugar to make an express confit. add water twice so that the zest is soft. 

Add the orange juice, more water if necessary, adjust the sugar, 10 percent of the volume in cornstarch and  finish with the soy sauce and cook at medium until you have a sauce.

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