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The menus  

Receipts  : Method of non-method  : 

It is in the name of the practicality of those who would like to cook in community that I have tried   the last time to the grammage so that they only have to multiply the base unit but  this process is really not joyful and  I tried to understand why. Rationalizing the kitchen with mathematical formulas is a  nad  track, of course we need the right proportions but   which in my opinion should be  always in connection with the body, sensuality. Recipes translated into mathematical terms  don't seem to me  not  the right way to relate to ingredients mainly because they force us to use counterproductive tools (  compared to joy).  . It is as if we had a scientific filter (the balance) implying in fact a good and a bad measurement  and this is completely the opposite of alchemical reality   food. If you are centered, if you have taken care to put yourself in your axis, if you feel with your body and trust it, with practice you  create a weight database  and we become  the balance.

Also these practices at home being also a working process I propose to you this time, to count by unit for the  fruits or vegetables, by the glass for the flours, in  spoons (soup and coffee) for   spices . And in  moon or half moon  (a quick and delicate gesture above the dish) for the   sauces and oils. lThe idea is therefore   to forget this scale which makes us seek perfection and distracts us from the essential. 

Everyone can then retranslate this way of counting according to what suits them best. (the   glass chosen here is 15 cl.)

And to finish the suggestions are for 4 people which seems fair to me there too because even alone it allows you to have something to recycle for the rest of the meals. 

Once again and I insist these are directions to be interpreted  and not recipes to be followed to the letter, it's up to you to do with what you have, with what makes you want on the market, in your garden or in the shops. It is the adaptation that will make these suggestions alive, not the copy-paste.


February 8 and 9: se  wake 

7 and 8  march: lighten up  


Menu for Saturday February 8 


Atmosphere of fog, cold and nostalgia. We stay on the white tone of renewal and metal. With a little red for joy in the heart of the cold. Acid and a little spice to wake up from hibernation and tradition to reassure yourself.  



Cereal  : bulgur or quinoa if you are gluten-free

Flat  : sautéed vegetables with fresh herbs and chickpeas 

Raw vegetables  : celeriac raw vegetables grated with   horseradish sauce or mayonnaise 

½ celeriac + horseradish cream or mayonnaise  


1/ Quinoa to be cooked in 2 times its volume of water sprinkled with sesame seeds or other 

2/ 4 carrots (of colors if we have) + 1 parsnip + 1 large yellow turnip (that's what I had) + aromatic bouquet   + the rest of the celeriac + 1 glass of   Chickpeas   cooked. 

½ red cabbage + 4 canadian type apples + 1 glass of cider vinegar + a little   coarse salt. 

Cut the cabbage into strips. Cook it with salt   and vinegar covered. Cut the peeled apples and add them. Cook over low heat and covered.  


Cut the vegetables and sauté them over low/medium heat in a pan and covered with a little salt and a fresh bouquet garni of bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, sage) or dehydrated herbs until tender but crunchy. Remove the bouquet. To book. Sauté the chickpeas over high heat in a little soy sauce and olive oil. Mix everything. Place some red cabbage and the hotpot on top.

3/  ¼ celeriac or ½ grated so small + 1 tbsp horseradish puree + ½ tsp sugar +  vinegar + ¼ brick soy cream / mayonnaise sauce with        1/3 glass of soy milk + 2/3 sunflower oil + ¼ lemon juice and salt  mixer arm. Mix the chosen sauce with the grated celery



To taste : 

Frucandie with orange  :

7.5 tbsp hot water + 2.5 tbsp chia seeds (ground) + 2 X   ¾ glass of orange jam (not very sweet) + ½ glass of sunflower oil + 1.5 glass of T55 wheat flour + 1 sachet of baking powder + a little icing sugar + mold 16 to 18 cm










Soak the chia seeds in hot water for 10 minutes.   Add the jam and oil and whisk well. Put the flour without too much  to mix together. Pour into an oiled mold in the oven at 170 degrees. 

Unmold the still warm cake. Once cooled, slice it   in half lengthwise and garnish with remaining jam. Sprinkle with icing sugar.




lemon cake  : 

¾ glass of hot water + 4 tbsp of ground chia seeds + 1.5 glass of lemon marmalade for cakes *

+ 1/3 glass of golden cane sugar     + ½ grated tonka bean + ¾ glass of neutral oil  + 1 glass and a quarter of T55 flour + 1 sachet of yeast or   1 tsp baking soda + 1 tsp vinegar to lather   in 1 tbsp before pouring

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

In a bowl, mix the water and the chia powder for 15 minutes. In a salad bowl pour the marmalade, the tonka, the sugar, the oil then incorporate   chia gel. Mix vigorously. Then add the flour with the yeast and stir without overworking the dough. 

Pour into a mold and bake for 40 minutes. Leave to rest for 10 minutes and unmold.

*2 lemons + 1 glass of water + 1 and 1/3   sugar glass 

Poach the lemons for 15 minutes in boiling water. Remove the pips and the white skin then blend them, add the sugar and water and cook for another 20 minutes.  


Having dinner

Softness and energy with the warm depth of orange,   the revival of  green . the sweet bitterness of pink peppercorns   and a little acid.  

Semi brown rice sprinkled with pink berries 

Kabocha velouté (green pumpkin) with orange and coral lentils 

mesclun salad  


1/ cereal:  Stewing  : Measure the volume of dry rice. Wash the rice several   times carefully. Leave it to soak for ½ hour. Rinse it and add a volume of water  . Cook covered over high heat until boiling then without uncovering put at least for 15 minutes (check). Turn off the heat and leave covered for another 10 minutes.

2/soup:   ½ pumpkin (the greens are the sweetest but it's the same) + 2 orange juice + ½ glass of red lentils + salt 

remove the seeds from the pumpkin (if organic keep the seeds to replant). Massage the olive oil. Cook   ½ hour at 190 degrees the half and whole pumpkin in the oven   . Remove the green skin or keep the orange (put it back in a salad or other soup) to preserve the orange color. Mix with the orange juice and a little salt. Like this is good. If you want something more substantial, you will have cooked the lentils for 10 minutes and add them.  

3/ Raw vegetables:  mesclun salad or lamb’s lettuce (small leaf or cut) +5 tbsp   olive oil + 1 tbsp vinegar   balsamic vinegar+ 1 tsp soy sauce+ 2 pinches of salt 

Wash the salad, drain and mix with the vinaigrette.  



Menus for Sunday February 9  



Always in the mind of a  sweet wake up ,  this Indian inspiration that preserves the heat thanks to the spices of turmeric and ginger while offering us to slip into the comfort of the deep green of spinach.

Pointed Cabbage Pulao

Palak paneer shoujin 


1/ Cereal mix:  800g brown rice   , 1.5 Water Vol, 1 Pointed Cabbage+   4 tbsp almond or cashew nuts, 4 tbsp raisins, 2 tsp mustard seeds, 2 tsp turmeric powder,  Neutral oil.

Wash and dry the cabbage. Cut it into strips. Wash the rice until clear water is obtained, then drain well. Heat a little oil in a heavy-bottomed casserole and throw in the mustard seeds  When they start to burst then add the cabbage. Add the turmeric  , salt . Mix. Finish with the rice and mix to brown it a little too. Moisten with water – 1.5 parts water to 1 part rice – and add the almonds and raisins. Bring to the boil then cover and reduce the heat to low. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, without opening the lid. Once this time has elapsed, quickly lift the lid to check that all the water has been absorbed. Turn off the heat and let sit for another ten minutes. Then mix gently.   

2/ dish:  600g fresh spinach, 240g tempeh, 1 cm   grated ginger, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 3 tbsp tomato purée, 100 ml   of liquid soy cream, Salt, pepper, Olive oil.


Cut out the tempeh  into small rectangles and brown them  in the pan, set aside.

Prepare all your ingredients. Wash the spinach. Cook the spinach for 5 minutes covered in a saucepan. Peel (with a teaspoon) the ginger and grate -  the roughly. Place the cooked spinach in the bowl of a mixer with, according to your taste, a pinch of  Espelette pepper,  tomato puree and  ginger puree. Reduce to a thick puree. Pour into a casserole dish and add the cream then the cubes of tempeh. Let cook for a few minutes over medium heat and mix well.


3/ raw vegetables

Sojami (fermented soy cream)   or 2 soy yogurts + 1 carrot  grated;+1 branch of  coriander +  a hint of cumin +  1/4  ciron

Mix everything, adjust the seasoning  and serve  



To taste  :

Bourdaloue pear tart 

(I lost  my translation   glass  » )  

300g sweet shortcrust pastry  : 150 g spelled flour + 30 g powdered almonds, a pinch of salt, 3 tbsp neutral oil, 5 tbsp vegetable milk 

300g almond cream  : 1 tbsp of cornstarch + ½ glass of golden sugar + ¾ glass of vanilla soy milk + 3.5 tbsp of neutral oil + 1 glass of ground almonds 

6 half pears +  1 handful of slivered almonds  



Make the dough by mixing the ingredients, knead well by hand and make a ball to rest for at least 15 minutes. 

Take 2 baking papers and roll out the dough with a rolling pin and place it in a pie dish   approximately 22 cm. 

Prepare the almond cream by mixing the  cornflour, milk, sugar and oil when cold then make it consistent when cooked. Add the powder and mix well. 

Place the almond cream in the bottom of the pie and cut the pears crosswise then place them on the cream. Sprinkle with slivered almonds and cook for about 40 minutes at 180°.  

Having dinner

The porridge with 7 herbs to go out   gently from this deep connection weekend  otherwise a meal of your improvisation guided by zazen and leftovers..


Simply take new vegetable tops and herbs that you find such as 

7 herbs (Dandelion + Nipples of Venus +  1 turnip  new  with tops + wild garlic + parsley + 1/2  daikon with tops +  1/8 celery with tops  + 1/2 glass  rice  white round  + 4 tbsp sesame salt + 4 tsp hemp oil  (umeboshi)

Rinse the rice as if it were your blood at least ten times and let it rest for 1/2 hour in the last water. empty it then count 8 times its volume of water. 

Cover and cook for about 20 minutes with the daikon, turnip and celery in  parts.  Mince the tops and chop  the herbs and add them to the cooked rice (okaku). Cook another 5  min. Off the heat, add the sesame salt (  blond sesame sautéed  stove  2 mins  + 10 percent suribashi-powdered salt) and hemp oil. You can also add an umeboshi plum.


The drinks  :

In winter   the hot turmeric rice milk is a real caress.

Otherwise, in macrobiotics we recommend   hojicha tea in which you put an umeboshi plum with   a drop   of soy sauce. Personally I love it.

The breakfasts: 

To be prepared the day before or before zazen. 

Breakfast is eaten in a single bowl, however, serving it in 3 bowls allows you to always start by contemplating the beauty of simplicity and then tasting   3 bites of   unseasoned subtle flavor bowl for then  pour everything into the first   bowl.

suggestions are mainly to keep warm  from the first  as the cold sets in. Then on this cereal base improvise for compote and granola.

(I didn't have time to translate them into glass!)

1/ porridge:  240 g Pre-cooked rice / chestnut / lupine / buckwheat cream ... + 800 ml Rice / soy / almond / oat milk ... + 1 tbsp cashew puree

Dilute the   starch with rice milk and cashew nut puree*, let thicken and add starch or milk according to the desired consistency (turn like a béchamel)


2 / Nuts and dried fruits  : 

120 g crushed walnuts or and  pumpkin seeds  or and others + 60  g raisins, figs, prunes... 

Always sauté nuts to revive their flavor.  


3/ Compote:

2 pears, or 2  apples, or 2  persimmon or 2 oranges...+ salt

Peel and cut fruit   into pieces and cook for 15 minutes with 2 pinches of salt.

Renewal March 8 and 9: Lighten up  


Follow the rhythm of the coming spring  with a frugal program  allowing to clean the excesses of the winter. With the weather clear  so we can  prepare lactofermentations with a view to eating   balkan borscht and  sauerkraut within 3 weeks and gently return to the acid flavor of spring.

The menus are designed according to the principles  Yakuzen in order to answer  In this  appeal of lightening the known and winter comfort in accordance with the needs of the body  . 

Finally in order to  perform intermittent fasting we will only take a fruit juice in the morning.  

Menus for Saturday March 7 

Lunch: Nerone rice with pink peppercorns   / vegetables with seagulls / purple radish and lemony branch celery

- Nerone rice: be careful, Nerone rice is cooked longer, count 1 hour on low heat after having boiled it at the start of cooking and add water if necessary gradually.  Serve it drizzle with hemp oil to accentuate the hazelnut side and a few pink peppercorns for the bitterness and sweetness.

- Baked vegetables and mogettes (ingots  white  of Vendée) 

Take a few carrots, rutabaga and potatoes to cut into 2 cm triangles then put them in the oven drizzled with a little olive oil and some herbs  such thyme and   laurel. Bake for 45 minutes at 190 degrees.

Soak the ingots   whites (or take them in a jar)   one night and the next day cook them for at least 45 minutes with a sheet of konbu seaweed. season with a little olive oil and salt. Mix the vegetables and skunks in the bowl

- Purple radish raw vegetables   and celery 

Rap a  little  large red radish with a mandolin then salt and press for 1 hour. Cut a few slices of celery. mix season with a little lemon.

Frugal dinners fit into the spirit of yakuseki, the medicinal meal because according to the ancient monastic tradition we did not eat in the evening.  


Having dinner : 

watercress soup 

1 bunch of watercress, 2 potatoes, salt, 1 tsp of white miso, liquid soy cream, salt. 

Cut the bunch of watercress under the leaves, peel  potatoes and cut into pieces. Wash the vegetables and cook over high heat until boiling then over low heat, covered, for 20 minutes. At the end of cooking add the miso, salt with sesame salt and pour a dash of soy cream.


Menus for Sunday March 8 

Breakfast:  Semi-complete basmati rice / orange tagine / beetroot  lemony












1st bowl: basmati rice 

cook basmati rice according to the instructions and sprinkle with raisins previously soaked in lemon water for 1 hour.

2nd bowl: orange tagine 

1 pod of saffron, 3 untreated oranges, 3 sesame seeds, 1  tbsp of honey, 1  tsp ginger, 1 tsp brown miso, 80g large protein  of soy (2 cups), 3  rutabagas, 3 carrots, 3 turnips, 1 tsp cinnamon 

For the harissa paste: 1 red pepper, cumin, caraway, coriander seeds, dried mint, salt and olive oil. 

Prepare the chilli paste by removing the head and seeds from the chilli and letting it soak for 1 hour in lukewarm water. Drain  and mix. Adjust the spices. 

Make an orange juice and mix it with the miso then water  lukewarm  to rehydrate the soy proteins. drain them (keep the juice)  after 15 minutes then sauté them in a pan with a lot of oil and soy sauce until they become tasty. When they have absorbed everything, add half of the soybeans. To book 

Cut the vegetables into small cubes and cook  1 hour  in the oven in a completely covered oven at 190° with the proteins, the juice and the spices. 

At the end of cooking add the sesame seeds and the oranges cut into thin strips as well as the honey. Cook another 20 minutes.  

3rd bowl: raw vegetables 

Beets, lemon, parsley: 

grate a beetroot, add a little salt, mix  then squeeze. season with lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and parsley.  

Dinner: March nanakusa (7 herb soup) 


Simply take new vegetable tops and herbs that you find such as 

7 herbs (Dandelion + Nipples of Venus +  1 turnip  new  with tops + parsley + 1/2  daikon with tops +  1/8 celery stalk  with tops  + 1/2 glass  rice  white round  + 4 tbsp sesame salt + 4 tsp hemp oil  + (umeboshi)

Rinse the rice like it's your blood at least ten times and  let it rest for 1/2 hour in the last water. empty it then count 8 times its volume of water. 

Cook for about 20 minutes covered  with daikon, turnip and celery. Mince the tops and chop   the herbs and add them to the cooked rice (okaku). Cook another 5  min. Off the heat, add the sesame salt (  blond sesame sautéed  stove  2 mins  + 10 percent suribashi-powdered salt) and hemp oil. You can also add an umeboshi plum.

Drinks  :

In the morning, a lemon juice in hot water is conducive to a benevolent start. And for the full of citrus fruits: after  morning zazen   grapefruit juice  and   instead of a snack  Orange juice. Infusion day   thyme (fresh if you have).

Snacks / desserts  :

- macha and orange cream:

300g soy milk, 25g rice flour, 50g water, 8g macha green tea, 50g maltitol type sugar (if you want to avoid  sugar for 2 days) .1 orange  

Dilute the rice flour in the soy milk (I didn't have time to translate my recipe into a glass), add the water and chew it. flour take this cream over medium heat, stirring well. Lift   fillets of oranges by removing the skin (the sole knife works very well). Place the cream in small cups and the fillets on top.  

- rice cream with cashew puree and   raisins to which you can add a dash of maple syrup.  Dilute pre-cooked rice flour (organic) with rice milk until it becomes creamy. Adjust with milk. Off the heat, add 1 kosher of cashew nut puree, some raisins, some lemon zest and a dash of maple syrup.  

And if you feel like it, here is a lacto fermentation to test with beets with the recipe for borscht to be made in 2 weeks!  

Peel your beets and grate them. Add a tenth of salt then massage well. 

Sterilize jars and pack them by pouring the juice over them and leaving 2 cm under the lid. close the lid and leave the jars at home for 24 hours (20 degrees) then 6 days at less than 17 degrees (I put them on the veranda). Then another week in the fridge. For other ideas, I recommend the blog Ni cru Ni cooked  where you will also find the brine method and the  borscht recipe  to be adapted as a vegan.

A video on the 3rd contemplation will be  communicated  the 6th  in the evening on the general practice page  .


The zoom links for the Zazens sessions will be integrated into the schedule on the 6th as well.  

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