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Yakuzen workshops

with Tamami Herbinet

Yakuzen is a science that appeared  in the 18th century and which takes up the bases of traditional Chinese medicine.

Based on the cycles of yin and yang, it has the advantage of having updated the ingredients necessary for its practice so that everyone can draw inspiration from it.

Used medically to treat diseases, its objective is above all to prevent them and it is with this in mind that La Cuisine  Benevolence benefits  regular advice from  Tamami herbinet ( ) to compose menus aligned with each season.  

A graduate of the Tokyo Yakuzen Institute, Tamami Herbinet  has lived in France for 15 years where she teaches in Caen the practice of this food medicine   Japanese.

She leads 100 plants workshops  for members of the   kindness kitchen  according to the possibilities and on request.

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