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foods of the heart 

from May 6 to 13, 2019 in Portugal 

yoga, meditation   and deep feeding 

A designed and animated retreat   through  Carole Simonelli and   Valerie Duvauchelle  

An invitation to let the energy of summer penetrate us in this transition from one cycle to another. A time of degeneration to share together, in a place surrounded by nature to reconnect with the sensuality of natural and raw food. 

The infinite body manifests in  the space created by meditation and in the act of nourishment;

By the emptiness that connects in the erasure of separation, by the feeling of interdependence that gives rise to compassion   and responsibility, eating becomes the experience of integration  of the world itself. 

this experience   will be under the sign of fire, an element of summer, with also the reconnection in the kitchen of our atavistic part.

Listen, feel, taste this space  is the program offered by  carole simonelli   and Valerie Duvauchelle.


Food as a way of instant awakening translates into welcoming  abundance  of life that passes through the preparation of meals in silence,  the 6 flavors and  the 5 contemplations.

Location: Algarve 

Dates: May 6 to 13, 2019






Zen retreats  

sesshin  of the mountain without summit (teacher Fédérico Dainin Procoppio) 

next spring retreat  from May 17 to 20, 2018 (to be confirmed)


Zen is zazen, cleaning, cooking and meals, everything that allows us to see reality as it is in the moment of the movement of life.


The Tenzo nourishes  the practice, his  but also that  others.

By the freshness and the lightness of the meals, the balance of the 6 flavors, the diversity of the dishes   but also and above all thanks to  the benevolent attention he  put  in  each of its  shares they  enthusiastically bear the responsibility for the concentration of the sangha (group of Zen practitioners).


Experience the Tenzo (both function,  place but also team) during the samus (time of service to the community organization) it is to return  full foot in the action  concentrated gestures is to feel the joy of  participate in the creation of meals, food of the   body and  heart of all.

It is above all to understand that giving to the community is above all the opportunity to give oneself.


Participate in a Zen retreat  it is also  experience Oryoki, the movement of bowls that unfold silently at each meal,

it is  to experience the deep taste,   both other and yet so intimate;

It is to taste the recognized unknown.





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