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The menus 


Before morning zazen: take a glass of lemon water with 1/2 lemon juice in warm water or a hojicha tea with an umeboshi plum (with a drop of soy sauce if you like)  


Okayu + tsukemono + shiogoma (traditional menu of Zen monasteries) 

Porridge + compote + granola (western menu) 

Intermittent fasting  

the Japanese Zen version: 

Okayu  :

Take one volume of round white rice for 8 volumes of water (depending on the desired consistency, it is between 5 and 8 times the volume of dry rice). Start by rinsing the rice 10 times then let it rest for 1 hour for white rice, the day before for brown rice. 

Cook the rice covered and when the water boils reduce the heat to a minimum and continue to cook for about 25 minutes  . Serve immediately so that the rice does not absorb water. When someone is sick they will be offered to add a plum  umeboshi.


Sesame salt (  gomashio) 

Take from 9 to   11 volumes of sesame for 1 volume of salt. Roast the sesame seeds in the pan for 30 seconds (be careful, they become too cooked   toxic by a   glycation phenomenon) then mix them with salt and grind them with  suribashi.   Store in a dry place at room temperature.  


Tsukemono  express  : 

Choose a vegetable  : cabbage, cucumber, beetroot or tops, broccoli tails etc. Grate them with a mandolin or chop them with a knife then put them in a bag     for freezing. Add the salt, mix it well with the vegetables. Empty the air before closing the bag. Put it on a   plate and   to pose   a weight on it.   Take out the vegetables, squeeze by hand to express the water. Taste and leave as is or season with a little lemon juice, vinegar,  mirin, zest, ginger etc. 


the western version: 

Porridge  : rice cream with rice milk, heat 300 ml of rice milk for 30 g of pre-cooked brown rice cream  . You can also take the rest of the cereal from the day before and mix it by lengthening it with rice milk. Adding a little macha works well with the pear. 

Dried fruits and nuts: a mix of nuts such as cashew seeds,  sunflowers and raisins  

  compote: fruit  to cook in a saucepan with 1 pinch of salt to cook over medium heat 


A proposal   simple + one more worked  + a Yakuzen Shojin   

1/ Millet / butternut roses / fermented lacto beets  

Millet: Cook the millet in 2 times (one more chouilla at the end of cooking after having tasted because all this is alive and depending on the humidity it can change   ) its volume of water without covering over medium heat. Cover at the end of cooking then cut and leave covered for 10 minutes. Stir and add hemp or other oil as well as chopped parsley. 

Neutral flavor / white color  and green / soft texture / cooking: boiled

Roses: butternut squash, a piece of tempeh, Espelette pepper, sweet paprika  , 2 tsp black sesame puree  (or tahini), 1 tsp of white miso, 3 tbsp of water, salt, 1/2 tsp of agave syrup, 1 tsp of  cider vinegar  .

Take a butternut squash and peel it into a tagliatelle (without the skin that you can keep for crisps for example). Bake in the oven with a little salt for 5 mins at 190° to soften them slightly then make the roses with 3 tagliatelle and put them  in a dish. Bake 20 mins. 

Cut the tempeh into  small cubes and fry in a pan with a little olive oil. during cooking add sweet paprika powder and at the end of the pepper.

mix the miso, tahini, sire and salt to make a sauce (add a little water) and place on the flowers. sprinkle around tempeh . 

Flavor: Spicy+  salty +  soft / colour: orange + black / al dente texture + soft / cooking: fried + grilled 

Rawness: result of the latest practice at home, dry-fermented lacto beets. For information  1 pot out of 3 worked  therefore to rework.

This weekend  I will try the sauerkraut and  I am inspired by the site  I will tell about my tests on the blog and we can discuss if you do too .


2/ Lunch  of celebration:  



Cereal  : a cereal of your choice semi-complete basmati rice  with fresh herbs + black sesame seeds

neutral flavor / color: white + green + black 

Flat : 

  • early turnip in the oven, blanch the turnip for 10 minutes, then put it in the oven with a little oil until golden. place it in the bowl on a teaspoon of cashew nut puree 

  • broccoli  cooked in water with ½ tsp of baking soda, be careful it must remain crunchy for 5 mins max and then in a tub of ice water.

  • Pellet  carrots  : Cook a handful of coral lentils, set aside. In the pan, sauté a carrot cut into pieces covered with a little salt, add a little oil when it sticks. This way the sugar will come out. Crush almonds in a mortar or take slivered almonds. Once the carrot is cooked, blend it and mix with the same weight of lentils. Coat with almonds and fry in olive or sunflower oil. 

  • make a Yuba  soybeans with the skin of soy milk cooked over low heat. roll up as you can and pour over a touch of wasabi or horseradish and a drop of soy sauce 

  • braised fennel  : cut the fennel lengthwise into slices and pan-fry it over high heat until it browns on each side and continue covered for 10 minutes over low heat

  • Flavors: sweet + salty + bitter / colors: white +  green+  pink+  orange / texture: soft / cooking: fried + sautéed + boiled

Raw vegetables  : Grate a little cauliflower and use the beetroot juice from the day before (fresh or lacto) to color them. Season with ginger zest and  blue borage flowers and lemon juice as desired  from the moment. 

flavor: sweet+ spicy+ sour  / colour: pink + yellow + blue / texture: crunchy / cooking: raw  

3/  Stewed tofu and vegetables with watercress sauce  :

Cereal: rice  semi-complete round  : Thoroughly clean the rice and soak it a little. Stew starting with a boil and then over low heat in a flight of water for a flight of rice.

flavor: neutral / color: beige / texture: soft / cooking: boiled

Dish: 1 small cabbage / 2 salsify / 5 pdt / 1 block of hard tofu of 400 g / 1 bunch of watercress / 5 tbsp of Tahini / 5 tbsp of soy sauce / 5 tbsp of cane sugar / 5 tbsp of cider vinegar or rice/ ¼ konbu leaf 

Soak the konbu leaf in a height of   1/3 of water does everything.

Precook the potatoes in water (Dita, which does not disintegrate into a puree)   with a little salt, 

Peel the salsify and also pre-cook them separately.

Cut the cabbage in four and lay it on the bottom   of the fact everything and cook.

Then place all the vegetables in the pan + the tofu cut into large cubes.

Make the sauce by mixing the watercress/ tahini/ soy sauce/ vinegar/ sugar and a little water if necessary.

flavor: salty + sweet + acid + bitter / color: white, green / texture: semi-crunchy / boiled cooking 

Rawness : carrot salad  coated with clementines in  parts 

flavours: sour + sweet /  colour: orange / texture: crunchy / cooking: raw 



The 2 in 1  a chocolate marble cake for the wink  inside - outside / worry - excitement / outside - inside

(To be done the day before for the next day)

2 V (glasses) of vanilla soy milk (add a sachet of vanilla sugar if not),  1 tbsp cider vinegar,  1 V blond cane sugar,  2.5 V of wheat flour T55 (or close),  1 packet of baking powder,  1/4 V olive oil,  1 pinch of salt ,  1 V of chocolate pistols or 2 tbsp of unfatted cocoa powder.  

Preheat the oven to 170°

Milk + vinegar + sugar = mix 

Add flour + yeast = whisk 

Add oil + salt = divide the dough into two bowls 

1/2 = add vanilla if we have or nothing 

1/2 = cocoa powder or chocolate melted in a bain-marie

pour into an oiled and floured mold + cook for 10 mins and make a cut in the middle + continue to cook for 30 mins (check the cooking with a knife). 

Let cool and wrap in a tea towel   until the next day . 

This recipe is inspired by Linda Vondgara's book, at the school of vegan pastry (Solar editions). You can decline it in flavors: macha / almond  or pink (with beetroot juice to color) / vanilla...

Custard pastry  :  high edge mold   of 18  cm (otherwise double the measurements)

For the sweet dough: 1, 3/4  V  g- wheat flour T65 or wheat,  1 pinch of salt, 2  case  neutral oil (rapeseed, grapeseed, etc.),  1/2 tsp  sugar, 1/2   V  water

For the blank: 2.5 V  plain soy milk (or vanilla soy to use less vanilla which costs an arm but   less sugar suddenly)  , 1/2V  soy cream, 3 heaped tbsp   vegetable margarine,  1/2V  golden cane sugar, 1/2  cornstarch, 2  g agar agar, (1 hazelnut vanilla powder or the seeds of 2 vanilla pods,) turmeric for color  

Flour+   sugar,+  salt +  oil + water = homogenize + form dough = cool 15 min  minimum.

Preheat the oven to 180°C

In a pot :   milk+   soy cream +  cornstarch +  agar agar = mix with a whisk Add  sugar +  vanilla +  margarine = set aside 

Roll out the dough  using a rolling pin, prick it with a fork  +  put it in a greased floured pan.​

Heat the cream over medium heat, stirring constantly, until boiling, 30 sec.  and pour it over the dough + cook 35  min and chill. (be careful not to put the cream all the way up because it may boil). 

You can also pre-cook the dough for 20 minutes and put the cream set in the agar on it + on the grill for 3 minutes 

Otherwise there is the old recipe blog  in which you can have fun looking for desserts (labels on the left side) 

carrot zucchini soup.JPG
yakuzen mizudaki paris.jpg


In the tradition of Yakuseki, the medicinal meal which has long been akin to fasting. In this season and for those who cannot move a lot with confinement, a light meal to choose from   : 

a soup

a Yakuzen-style stew 

a complete dessert (regression can sometimes be beneficial  ) if we have not had a taste, for example.  

canvas of soup: one or more vegetables to be browned dry covered then with a little oil. when it sticks. Leafy vegetables don't need oil.  Then add a little dashi (kombu seaweed broth of a square of 3 cm by 2 soaked for 500 ml of water,   2 hours at room temperature or having simmered for a few seconds on the heat  ). Mix with the arm then add 1 tsp of white miso. adjust with salt and serve . This soup can be thickened with leftover cereal or a potato. vON can also make it more gourmet with a little pure cashew  or and )  a dash of cooking soy cream. We always end up fresh  some fresh herbs on top or apples, clementines... At the moment the watercress is delicious and of course we use our leftovers from the cutting and cooking of the meal  previous.

Canvas  by mizudaki yakuzen  : 

dashi  made with 10 cm of seaweed  combo (and 3 shiitake) in 1 liter of water to simmer or leave for 2 1/2 hours  small Chinese cabbage, 1 potato  , 2 turnips , 1 rack of  tofu   200 leafy vegetables or turnip tops  new 

For the sauces (per person)  ': 

- 50 g of soy sauce + 30 g of  clementine juice + 30 g eriz vinegar 

- 1 tbsp of miso + 1 tbsp of tahini + 1 tsp of sugar + a little soy milk 

Place the vegetables except leafy vegetables   in the dashi and bring to a boil. remove the konbu and shiitake then  cook over low heat 30  my. Add the diced tofu and the salad and cook for 2 minutes. Drain and serve with the sauces. We will adapt with the  vegetables at home.

and in general, in the practice of the situation and the use of  leftovers, here is my Sunday pumpkin stuffed with leftover cabbage in watercress sauce + leftover millet + sorrel from the garden lengthened with soy cream and baked for 40 minutes at 190°! 

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