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Hello everyone 

I am in the Jura and this time is not the possibility of making a video but I will nevertheless try to share with you what this contemplation tells me. 

I have lived these contemplations almost daily for 15 years now and they are for me a framework of activation, a mirror, a resonance box that constantly evolves, over the course of who I am, of the collective that crosses me,  of my meals and the only truth that these inspirations raise is valid for the moment that makes them live.  

That being said, I can share. 

I recently discovered a parallel between the contemplations, the wishes of the Bodhisatvas and the 4 noble truths.  

The 4 Noble Truths 

life is suffering, we are sick, we grow old and we die and those we love too. 

The origin of suffering is attachment to the illusion of permanence 

The cessation of suffering is possible when one realizes   ignorance of separation 

the path of this realization, both practical and consequence of the 8 branches of the path  


The four bodhisattva vows

However many sentient beings there are, I vow to set them all free.
However many the illusions are, I vow to overcome them all.
However numerous the Dharmas are, I vow to acquire them all.
Perfect as the Buddha's path is, I vow to realize it.

And the 5 contemplations 

I realize who I am in the mirror of the world   

I realize interdependence and find my place 

Deeply sated I am free from greed, anger and ignorance 

I feed this body 

I walk the path of life

When we take the 3rd contemplation it is in  resonance  direct with the illusion of separation (ignorance) fed by greed, (fear of missing out)   anger (fear of losing or not having / others).  

In other words, the practice of the 3rd contemplation is that of the realization of our identity linked to the globality of the living which satiates us in such a way that we cannot fall into greed and anger.  and allows us to experience suchness, reality as it is. 

Nevertheless, the moving reality makes this contemplation like wishes a practice and not a truth which must be lived at each   meals, reactivate in order to stay alive to be real  .  

What I want to put under your gaze with this contemplation deserves a lot   more than these few lines but the practice of the situtaion wants it to be just launched and it may be there that the correctness will arise this time.

This is a reflection that I wanted to share with you and which I hope will inspire you during these 2 days.  

Good practice ! 

Valerie DH  

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