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Zen Summer Food Camp

21-27. July, 2019

Bowden House

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To reconnect to our food is to reconnect to our joy. 


Through the power of community, activated by our shared schedule and activities, we will organise ourselves around our fundamental need: food. Food is the most direct experience we can have with the world and a fantastic gate to experiment our relationships to others and the world. 


This camp is a dedication to the core experience of food, a moment to just let ourselves live and act to be nourished and nourish.


We will cook the vegetables of the garden and be creative with the wild plants around us.

We will try solar oven cooking, fire under soil cooling, outside Norwegian and any ideas we can find for the joy of direct contact with elements.


This camp is in a secular Zen format however it wishes to respect the universal spirit of this practice through: sitting meditation (Zazen) + prudence with speech during the day   + sharing silence during meals + practice of the oryoki (eating bowls). 

This is an experience of life activation through the rhythm of the group, simply living together with the most basics activities: sitting, cooking, eating and sharing.


But most  important, as   this practice is to be at service to nourish other’s practice ( of life) ,  we will be cooking for our host : the Bowden community people and invite them to eat our food either freely or at our zan table ( oractice of oryoki) . The sitting in silence meditations ( zazen) wil also be opened morning and night. 



The fisrt 2 days will be dedicated to the preparation ( zazen and basic food  , groceries..) ..then we will enter our practice as spiritual cooks from 24th  to 26th. 27 will be the closing lunch and our closing circle. 


Schedule :( 24/25/26/27)

6:30 - zen yoga 

7:15 - silent sitting 30 mns

8:00 - breakfast 

8:30 – cleaning dishes 

10:00 - group work in kitchen 

12:30 - lunch 

15:30 - zen yoga ( afternoon of 27th will be cleaning and packing)

16:00 - sitting 30 mns 

16:30 - group work in kitchen 

19:00 - diner 

21:00 – zazen 30 mns 

There will be one présentation of our the 23rd   at the community meeting of Bowden .

The Bowden community people will be able to :

- share the preparation and sitting meditation 

- share the oryoki's  practice during our meal ( same place we sit) 

- order a meal and eat it wherever they want ( zen café)

- participate to one day spiritual cooking or the 4 days ( from 24th 6h30 to 27 th 2 o clock)


The costs :

  • Use of the community facilities to camp: £10/ euros  per day pp

  • 50 £ /euros to register then 100 euros/ £  before  the 10 th of july to confirm 

  • Donation to Valerie under the gift economy principal 



*Oryoki set can be rented for £5/ euros for the workshop or order to buy one of your own £55 before june 30th. 

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