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General Meeting of February 16, 2016

Dear board members and new members



I am pleased to inform you that the next Ordinary General Assembly of our association will be held on February 16, 2017  to  Café du Progrès at the Super naturelle workshop at 34 rue Ramey  in the 18th arrondissement. (everyone can bring a drink or other if they wish to have an aperitif afterwards).


The agreed agenda is as follows:

  • Moral and financial report  of the president

  • Revocation of the post of Secretary General

  • Activity report 2016

  • Choice of commitment 2017

  • Change of domicile of the association


I remind you that voting by proxy is authorized, in accordance with article 11 of our statutes. Thus, if you are unable to attend the General Meeting, you will find attached a proxy voting form. You will be able to be represented by a member of your choice. I remind you that only members up to date with their dues can participate in the Ordinary General Assembly.

I also remind you that only members will be able to vote but that on the other hand all those interested in becoming members are warmly invited.

Memberships for 2017 can be received on this occasion (15 euros per year).


While waiting for our meeting, please accept, dear members, the expression of my highest consideration.



AT  Paris, January 25, 2017



The president

Valerie Duvauchelle



You will be presented at this meeting:

- 2016 income statement

- moral and financial reports + activity report + 2017 projects

- provisional budget 2017

- power of attorney

Reports related to the OGM 2017


Moral and financial report 2016  :

The activities of the association have resulted in a surplus result  of 3211 euros.

This positive balance made it possible to reimburse part of the contribution with right of recovery to Valérie Duvauchelle.

The balance due to Valérie Duvauchelle on 31/12/2016 is 5922.72.

On the agricultural credit account remains a balance of 399.65 euros at 31/12/2016.

In the appendix is presented the income statement  closed on 31/12/2016.


Activity Report  :

This year the association proposed  :

  • monthly full-day workshops presenting the shoujin and its updating

  • 1h30 workshops  for ARE (Little Ney)

  • culinary workshops  solidarity of 2h30  (little Ney)

  • small pots workshops at PMI for mothers in precariousness

  • non-cooking workshops at solidarity festivals or hostels

  • offered meals for LMSS Zen retreats

  • presented a new workshop format dedicated to deep eating


Commitment prayers for  the year 2017/ 2018  :

After a year and a half of activity, the primary vocation of bringing a proposal of benevolence in food and the tools necessary to access it is emerging more clearly.

It seems that it is in the field of solidarity and health prevention that the actions of the association are able to be most effective.

It is also proposed to members to develop the solidarity branch  and  strengthen axis  preventive health/well-being.


According to the choice of the members, the time available and the assistance obtained  different actions  can be  carried out:

  • renew  REAs  for children (renaming TAP), small pots workshops, workshops  solidarity monthly as well as operations outside the walls organized by Petit Ney

  • Offer culinary workshops to  social institutions 

  • Propose a monthly LCB event   

  • Organize 4 deep food retreats (3 days) outside of Paris

To organise  benevolence breakfasts 

  • Develop Deep Food Listening Circles

  • Other ideas  : Tasting workshops in retirement homes or with hospitalized children, dessert workshops  in association houses


To carry out its actions, will be  necessary

  • To identify the social and health actors related to these projects

  • To build a mobile kitchen allowing workshops in hospitals and other environments

  • To bring together committed volunteer members

  • Find grants or funded organizations to offer virtually free workshops to participants  (from 2 to 5 euros)


For the year 2017 more precisely, we will focus a priori on the call for volunteers, the search for subsidies, action with women and breakfast maraudes with listening circles for volunteers.



The debate is open  and thank you for participating.

In the name of kindness  ;






Valerie Duvauchelle

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