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Saturday March 28

From 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Hosts: Valérie Duvauchelle and Onâ Maiocco


Permaculture is a methodology for creating abundance with a minimum of energy ;

It is as much an ethic, a philosophy  than a new model of society.


Using permaculture in your diet means bringing your needs and desires into line with your physical, economic, social and natural environment; 

It is to approach the theme of sustainable cooking (sustainable and autonomous)  and more particularly that of the haulm kitchen;

Reconnecting to your food is touching the heart of your identity and this is the promise of kitchen permaculture.


In the form of fun exercises we will discover this new tool as well as the pleasure of sharing a vegetable meal with autumn flavors  under the sign of benevolent pleasure.



welcome and meeting

introduction to permaculture and the BOLRADIME model

presentation of the concept of kitchen permaculture 

preparation of a permaculture lunch with Öna Maiocco on fane cooking

sharing of the meal preceded by the contemplation of the plate

collaborative storage

creation of your food design

sharing and closing


Place : 

34 rue Ramey 75018 Paris  



Information and registration:

With Valérie Duvauchelle or  06 42 06 71 72

Registration closes 1 day before the course.






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