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Shojin Ryori Workshop 

Sunday 11  June 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 

Grand Appetite, Paris 

Zen shoujin cooking workshop with Mari Fuji and Valérie Duvauchelle 

It is with joy that we find Mari Fuji for a workshop dedicated to the Kuwai chan ceremonial meal, the 9 bowls of spring.

In the temples the monks eat in the Oryoki and use 3 bowls daily except during retreats, when they are celebrated or in certain temples such as Sôji - ji  where they use 5 bowls.

But the temples also receive many monks or lay outside guests and the number of bowls increases. from 9 up to 13 bowls.

These meals are served during funeral ceremonies, Buddhist celebrations but are also offered to lay people in temple restaurants.


Composed according to the principles of 6 flavors and 3 specific qualities  to zen, it is the discovery of silent taste offered by this unique workshop,   a universal experience even if the recipes will be traditional.

Accompanied by Valérie Duvauchelle, we will discover this practice in its context;  nun Tenzo  of the mountain without Summit Valérie Duvauchelle  can answer all your questions about this philosophy of food.

Participation in this  ceremonial dinner workshop is 60 euros.



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