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Composition of autumn menus 


The objective is  to give you the keys to autonomy in  benevolent cuisine via the composition of menus in accordance with your situation and according to the principles of benevolent cuisine. 

This is not a list of recipes to follow but a proposal for a framework in order to activate  your own  inspiration.  


In the blog you will find matrices (the main principles) and canvases (base of recipes to decline) as well as illustrations by category. 

A few days before check your kitchen fund, go to the market by letting yourself be guided  and before cooking  practice the 3 Cs.



1/ neutral cereal 

2/ complete meal or soup 

3/ raw vegetables 

We choose our dish 2 and then we adjust the complementarity   flavor colors and   textures with  the other 2 dishes. 


In general, with autumn we enter the time of melancholy. Summer is over but   the summer vegetables are still there. It's a transition:  the earth season. 

The tone is made of  candy,  salty, creaminess, orange/brown, the  simmered. Anything that goes with what you are in the moment with what nature offers in season


And to go further I recommend you     Tenzo's training  . The  community (even temporary) allows  to more easily integrate these   principles  and canvas   of related food.

Sample Autumn Equinox Menu   : 

After Zazen I do the 3 Cs:  I feel the fall is coming, I'm a little cold and I feel a little stressed by the start of the school year. I have zucchini and eggplant in the fridge 

the desire for a flan  of zucchini and eggplant attracts me. Simple and tasty at the same time.

Bowl 2: zucchini gratin recipe base and  pink berries  (white/green/pink/salty/sweet/) to which I add 1 eggplant and do without herbs n pink berries.

Bowl 3: I add acidity and orange with carrots   savory grated,   lemon and ginger zest 

Bowl 1: semi-complete rice with parsley and sesame seeds.

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