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sewing manual



Cut out measurements: 

- tablecloth: 50 X 50 cm

- towel: 36 x 54 cm 

- cover: 42.5 X 17  cm (X2)

- windshield 1: 4 x 7 cm 

- windshield 2: 4.5 X 7.5 cm

- white towel: 27 X 30  

2 cm less once sewed

The cloths are adjusted to a large bowl of 12 cm X 7


the setsu  is a plinth cut with 2 holes  of 20  cm x2.8 cm then lacquered  in 2 layers 

adapt size fo bigger bows

For the cover, cut  2 fabrics +  pin+point   builds  + straight stitch seam   + flip + blindstitch to close the bottom (  fold  and sewing   in moss stitch from the inside) + see video for closing the pocket 


For the tablecloth and the napkin, cut out (we can make a pattern if we want) + make   2 folds as small as possible and straight  +  iron  + sewing  in moss stitch 

For the bonnets cut + fold  on the length + seam   straight stitch   on both sides + turn over and cut the bottom with a serrated scissor +  slide them  on the  setsu (smallest first) 

PDF of the drawings of

all  linens 

only one setsu cap is ok

For the white towel there are no seams, we  cutting  and we make notches with the chisel 


think about doubling  the thread when closing the pocket 

cross stitch pouch closing video  

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