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  • This book is a path... Poetic, sincere, challenging... It has profoundly changed my relationship to food.... My relationship to the world.... My relationship at all times... Thank you very much for that. And the writing is simply sublime, stripped down and deep and transports us to the opening of the heart.

  • I   taste your book and I intend to taste it again several times. I find it exceptional. Gratitude for writing it, it is very inspiring.


  • I just want to tell you all the joy that reading the  Quiet taste. I tasted every page like so many sips of sunshine in a clay bowl. I hope that you, the author and me, your convinced reader, will find a wide and enthusiastic audience - because I believe that it is capable of sowing the seeds of your own wisdom in the hearts of many beings, that your word will comfort, soothe, deeply rejoice.  Thank you for having played the role of passer with humility and accuracy. And thank you for your kindness.  


  • I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You design an art of living that feels good. Thank you for linking us with generosity and thanks to the living.


  • your book is a revelation and I thank you for having written your initiatory journey in this way. I don't look at rice the same way anymore! I dream of savoring this morning porridge and perceiving the path that remains for me to travel....


  • I have just read your book and I am impressed. I was in total osmosis with your words and your philosophy. I learned a lot of things.


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