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The animations   of the kitchen of benevolence  


- little Ney's mobile kitchen 

- conference activities 

- a space open to dialogue



Mobile cooking workshops 

Preparing together, organizing, cooking, serving is highly rewarding  and gives incredible energy.


Organized by little Ney , these mobile cooking workshops (at the café and off-site)  are offered  to discover a balanced, economical and tasty cuisine.

Propose   the vegetable alternative  as a health, economic, ecological tool but above all as a social and identity bond  is  the wish  of this company which unfolds in different forms:


- small pots workshops with SMIs

- ARE workshops with pre-teens

- butt animations   various (in synergy   with the associations of the 18th)

- workshops  monthly adults children  




Participation in festivals, congresses


Whether as a participant or as a guest, the kitchen of benevolence regularly opens the debate towards a   alternative power supply possible;

In these conference animations are evoked


the following topics:

- the kitchen, to find oneself in one's plate

- vegetable cooking, what does it mean 

- what to do against food compulsions 

- practice cooking and  transform your life

- rediscover the pleasure of self-discovery while cooking


Communicate the kitchen as a tool of life, fight against food dogmas,  initiate the desire to eat as a means of working, 

such are  the wishes of this  action.


Working process


A laboratory of ideas where everyone can propose benevolent actions around food.

A speaking space  available to those  who want to broaden the debate on our relationship to food (identity, deep ecology, zen, relationship to the sacrificed animal, land rights, )  and or to propose a benevolent action (pop-up event in the public domain with   finance research ).

  For any will on this  please contact Valérie Duvauchelle.


Open a space for sharing ideas to raise awareness  the food transition, both material and spiritual   that we are living is the wish of this action.





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