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LCB kitchen background

Build a kitchen background with the main elements to express a maximum of textures, flavors, colors. 

There will then only be to let yourself be guided by the freshness found  in markets, in their garden or in organic stores.


Think about your kitchen base around the number 3 if you start or   5 by choosing various things by category already puts us in the recognition of abundance and also allows us to dare to explore it by venturing on what we do not know.  

Focused on the 3 bases of our menu: Cereals / Mix vegetables proteins / raw vegetables + desserts / cookies / this cross frame also has the advantage of already asking us  in the "non-methodological" logic   from the kitchen   benevolence  .

- cereals:  bulgur   , 1/2 round rice  , millet,  quinoa,  Buckwheat  , basmati rice 

- legumes : green lentils, coral,  beluga,  white ingots,  skunks  , Chickpeas

- Oils:  sunflower oil  olive/grilled sesame/hemp/soy or tamari sauce, deodorized coconut oil

- vinegars and condiments  :  cider /  vinegar  balsamic/ wasabi/ horseradish/ 

- Sugars : (everything except sugar  White  to throw away )  cane sugar no  refined , agave syrup, molasses, rice syrup, or nothing:  replace with applesauce or dried fruit. 

- spices : cinnamon, cumi, turmeric,  herbs  Provence,  pepper (espelette),  berries  roses

  tonka bean or vanilla powder 

- Oilseeds : nuts  plain cashew (or  cashew nut puree),  white sesame puree,  black sesame puree,   hazelnut puree,  white almond puree 

+ seeds of  black sesame  and blondes, sunflowers,  gourds, 

Umami:  konbu,  shiitake  dried,  malted yeast,  brown miso, miso  white, red miso, seaweed or  mushrooms  dried 

-  various Breton seaweed fisherman's salad 

- Soy proteins : smoked tofu, silken tofu, plain soy yogurt,  soy protein fat, tempeh 

- milk  plants  soy,  rice milk, oat milk,  cooking soy cream 

- flours:  spelled,  Chick pea flour ,  buckwheat flour,  millet flakes,   brown rice cream (pre-cooked flour), 

- starches:   But,  kuzu,   arrow  root,  kokoh  

- chocolate pistoles, macha, rose water,  flower  orange tree

- baking soda 

- green tea, hojicha, sobacha (roasted buckwheat kasha) , 

- fresh or dried herbs for herbal teas  


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