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It is  in the experience of doing  together let life come true  through each of us, it is in the mirror of our shadows reflected in  the other  that the realization of our identity   enlighten us. 

Cooking in a visible or invisible community is Tenzo's silent activism.  Through the daily practice of food, in the attentive presence of cooking or appreciation, we co-construct the world. By bringing our lives together in the cooking of our meals, we allow ourselves to live the interdependence in our hearts to better manifest it in the collective..   



we are the world  

We are the earth's immune system waking up 

We  we are the   food  which regenerates 

We are ...

Practice  it's doing together,

To do   together  it is activate   the system of life, 

To activate the system is to enter into resonance,

Go into resonance  it is  live / act  tuned way

Acting in accord is  practice... 

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