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Aquafaba lemon tart


2 lemon juice 

100 g of sugar 

30 g of margarine 

200 cl of milk  rice

 2 tbsp almond puree  

2 heaping tablespoons of  cornstarch 

Shortcrust pastry:

150 g of einkorn flour or T55 = 1.5 glasses 

50 g of cane sugar = 1/2 glass 

30 g ground almonds = 3 rounded tbsp

10 tbsp soy milk 

6 tbsp oil or 80 g vegetable margarine 

2 pinches of salt 

vanilla powder 

1/2 tsp chia seed  


100 g of organic chickpea juice in unsalted jar

100 g icing sugar

3 ml of apple cider vinegar 

5 g cornstarch

vanilla powder 


Mix the powders.

+ mix oil + rice milk, + chia and let swell for 5 minutes + bring everything together and  knead into a ball / set aside for 1/2 hour under a cloth.

Lower  the dough between two baking papers (or with your fingers directly into the bottom of the mold)  then press it into a tart mold (22 cm) and prick it with a fork;

Cook for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.


Dissolve the soy milk with the starch, the puree  and the agar agar in a saucepan, 

Add the sugar (blonde otherwise it darkens as in the photo under the Italian meringue), the lemon juice, the zest (micro plane).

Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until boiling + 30 seconds.

Pour immediately onto the cooked dough.


In a food processor, put the chickpea juice and vanilla powder; add the vinegar.

Mix the icing sugar and the starch and incorporate it little by little then let the mixer run for 8 minutes. 

keep cool.

Put the aquafaba in a notched nozzle then make mounds on the tart, pass with a blowtorch (and sprinkle with almonds passed in a pan).

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