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Solidarity workshops


Entertainment in the 18th arrondissement

The mobile kitchen:
Organized by  little Ney's mobile kitchen these two-hour workshops are  free for participants and are intended as a playful and preventive health action  friendly.

These actions are financed thanks to the Regional Health Agency and managed by the Petit Ney association, which for 20 years has been working  in the 18th ,

Hosted by Martine and Valérie, these activities are always very successful and allow us to see how much food really is the link!


March 20, 2015

In a home of men in transition,  a convivial workshop with revisited futô makis and ginger and sesame cookies on the menu.


April 9

The mobile kitchen has set its wheels on the new Paris IV campus and it is in the company of surprised and happy students that we have made Te makis and gourmet spreads together.


June 5

It was in a PMI on 18th rue Tchaikowsky, in the company of a dozen moms, that we made small vegetable pots full of flavors for our future gourmets.

It is an action to be repeated as the mothers were happy with its tasty and economical alternatives, the managers of the center delighted with all the links created and more generally for common sense and intuition.  that this experience has raised.


June 6

It was with La Louve that we celebrated the pleasure of cooking and eating together on a sunny day in the square rue des Poissonniers.

this to initiate the work of their large center located at 120 rue des fishmongers.

An ethical and not toc team, young and dynamic, inhabitants from all walks of life for a very nice party.


July 10 in front of an 18th century building bar with the theme of the vegetable delights of Ramadan


September 19 at the Kioskorama de la Chapelle (18th) for a cuisine all in music


September 27   for the gastronomy festival in the company of the Wolf at the fishmongers square


Culinary workshops at Petit Ney

Flexible school hours: two  Tuesdays per month from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., 14 children discover how to cook vegetables

Transgenerational culinary workshop : one Wednesday per month from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. a workshop where children and adults can meet and cook seasonal menus together.


Entertainment at La Courneuve:

In collaboration  with the Ruche qui dit oui de la Courneuve  benevolent cooking activities during the events organized by the city with the desire to offer food alternatives and create links.

the 14th of July

Booth  at La Courneuve beach.

Game animation around vegetables with  a temaki workshop  at La Courneuve beach


In anticipation :

Culinary workshops of benevolence in one of the new citizens' houses of La Courneuve.



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